Ads that are not shit.

Episode #2

Heinz have been doing such incredibly consistent work of late. And it’s all pulling in the same direction. When people think Ketchup, they think Heinz. I’ve seen people call some of it ‘scammy’, but when it’s all strictly on brand, on message, and on strategy, and actually out in the world, how can it be? Just sounds like jealousy to me.

There’s multiple insights swirling around behind this piece of work. A cavalcade of subliminal messaging. This is a real thing that happens in restaurants. Other ketchups wish they were Heinz. When people eat out, they expect Heinz. Not having Heinz is embarrassing. Heinz might not be the cheapest, but its the best. Perception is everything. Take your pick.

I’d never heard of 10PM prior to seeing this. Now I well and truly have. Fantastic writing. The campaign has divided opinions, but it was always going to. I struggle to think of any other mattress brands, maybe other than Koala, whose work has really stuck in my head.

Copywriter in the credits is Zoe Finkelstein, so I’ll give her a special shout out. Well done.

Anything Iceland is always amazing. Similar to the Tasmania tourism work here, a small island that feels the need to punch above its weight - and boy does it.

This is basically a product demo, a montage ad, often such a difficult thing to make fresh or interesting, but they’ve done it.

You can see the list of the things the client wanted to tick off in the ad that probably gave everyone a headache in the briefing. But nothing feels shoehorned in. And I love that they always showcase the quirky locals.

I’m putting this here to show that every brief is an opportunity. Some of my most awarded work came out of briefs that no one wanted to touch. What could have been just a generic social post about extra trams running this weekend because of a music festival turned into a very funny inside joke.

Props to the social peeps behind it.


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