Needs More Boom

An experiment with AI

Do you feel that movies these days have a serious lack of explosions?

There was a distinct lack of Optimus Prime in the pottery scene from Ghost?

Like Rose and Jack on the plank of wood in Titanic needed a mechanical shark with a machine gun on it or something?

You’re not alone. The much-cleverer-than-me, Jenny Nicholson, and I felt very much the same.

Introducing Needs More Boom. An AI platform that takes your favourite movie scene, any movie scene in history, and re-directs it like Michael Bay. The way it should be.

Finally, an AI platform that is actually useful and makes things better. (See below excerpt for example.)


Simba stands alone in the valley. The ground rumbles beneath him, the air thick with dread. Suddenly, a massive herd of WILDEBEESTS thunders towards him. An aerial DRONE SHOT captures the scale of the stampede. Suddenly, a helicopter swoops in, piloted by RAFIKI. The baboon is armed with a rocket launcher, firing at the herd.

RAFIKI (over helicopter loudspeaker) Hold on, Simba! Simba stands frozen as the helicopter hovers overhead. But before the ladder can reach him, a wildebeest knocks him off his feet.

INT. HELICOPTER - CONTINUOUS Rafiki grimaces. He spots MUFASA, sprinting towards Simba. RAFIKI (to himself) Hold on, King Mufasa!

EXT. PRIDE ROCK - STAMPEDE VALLEY - CONTINUOUS Mufasa plunges into the stampede. In SLOW MOTION, he leaps over wildebeests, the sun glinting off his golden fur. The MUSIC swells, the beat matching each of his heart-pounding strides. Mufasa reaches Simba, lifting him onto his back. He attempts to leap onto the helicopter ladder when suddenly, a wildebeest slams into him. Simba tumbles down, landing safely on a platform of wildebeests, surfing across them, in one last attempt to reach the helicopter. Mufasa, injured, looks up at his son. A single tear trails down his fur as he whispers.

MUFASA Remember... who... you... are...

A SMASH CUT to Simba’s face, eyes wide with shock and grief as he screams amidst the stampede chaos.

SIMBA Nooooooo!

Suddenly, the herd of wildebeests veer away, revealing SCAR in a massive tank, grinning wickedly at Mufasa. SCAR Long live the king. Suddenly, a MISSILE launches from the tank, striking the ground next to Mufasa. The explosion sends Mufasa flying, landing motionless in the dust. With a final gut-wrenching look at his fallen father, Simba swings onto the helicopter.

INT. HELICOPTER - CONTINUOUS Simba is pulled in, the copter swoops away from the valley. Rafiki hands Simba a small object. It’s a BUTTON. RAFIKI For Mufasa. With a resolute nod, Simba slams the button.

EXT. PRIDE ROCK - STAMPEDE VALLEY - CONTINUOUS Moments later, Mufasa’s body erupts in a GIGANTIC EXPLOSION, a mushroom cloud billowing into the sky. The shockwave sends Scar’s tank tumbling, the villainous lion roaring in frustration.


I’ve been wanting to build something in AI for a while, and after discovering some of Jenny’s amazing work in the space, decided to team up to make something… ridiculous.

As I’ve touched on before, the beauty of AI is in enabling human creativity, not replacing it. All of the code that went into this was written by Jenny and myself, to give it the character, references, and parameters to operate in. Then, you add more human input, and see what it does.

Let us know how it improves your favourite movies!

The only question now is - what do we build next?


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