The weight of the mask.

And the should you bring 'your whole self to work' debate.

Recently, MediaCat Magazine in the UK asked me to write a piece on ‘bringing your whole self to work’. The brief was as follows:

Bring your whole self
What masks do we wear in work and life? A few years ago there was a trend around bringing your whole/authentic self to work, but should we? At times, is it useful to wear a mask? Can you lose yourself if you wear too many masks, and too often?

Serendipitously, one my favourite albums of 2023 is titled ‘The weight of the mask’ by a band called Svalbard. The opening track is titled ‘Faking it’, with very resonant lyrics on this topic.

Here it is if you want to listen. Warning, it’s heavy. But even if you struggle with metal, you can at least marvel at the power of one of the most badass women on the planet, guitarist/vocalist, Serena Cherry.

Anyway, if you care to read my response, here’s the link:

As a further note, I’ve turned on comments on the site. I wasn’t even aware the function existed. So it could be cool to open up some discussion under posts past and present. (Just don’t be a dickhead.)


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