Writers don't need to read.

Writing tip #3.

Now, before the torches and pitchforks come out, I’m not saying ‘don’t read’. Every writer should read. EVERYONE should read. I’m just putting some distance between the two.

There’s an obsessive link between writing and reading, for obvious reasons, that I don’t believe is necessary to be an accomplished writer. I’ve touched on this before, but it again ties back to the fact that great writing is not just the physical the act of writing so someone can then sit down and read it. Especially in our business, where we make films, activations, memes, billboards, writing is simply the vessel for us to channel our creativity.

I don’t read much, at all. I did when I was a kid, but I’m a fidgety, easily distracted, hamster-in-a-wheel-brained person that just doesn’t do well with sitting down and reading words off a page for hours on end. I listen to audiobooks from time to time, but I spend 100,000x more time writing than I do reading anyone else’s writing. I also watch films, documentaries, play video games, go to gigs, look at art and design and advertising, and have a general interest in the goings on in the world and history and how things work and have come to be.

This has helped hone my abilities as a writer more so than just being an avid ‘reader’. I absorb things around me, and then over time have developed my own style/s of writing, rather than take on those of other writers. I can write emotional manifestos. Stupid comedy skits. Advertising blog posts. Whatever. I have no niche. I’m not intimidated by any brief or product or category. I can be a chameleon with a keyboard.

I wish I did read more. And if you’re a writer who reads a lot, and you’re reading this, by any means don’t stop. This post is probably more directed at those who are more like me. Writers who don’t read. It’s a weird thing to be, and if you’re feeling weird about it, I used to feel weird about it too, but just know you don’t have to. There are shit tons of ways to become a better writer than just reading books. (And there’s probably a few artists out there who don’t go to many galleries either.)

Over time, I’ve learnt that I’m actually a visual thinker. I probably wasn’t aware of it many years ago. I see entire scripts unfold in my head. Camera angles. Locations. Propping. I just express what I see through language.

I’m always for expanding one’s creative horizons. Both the inputs and outputs. If you’re a copywriter, don’t just obsess over words, watch how your art directors and designers work. Learn how lighting works. Be interested in cinematography. Appreciate negative space. Having a vast well to draw inspiration from will make you a more versatile creative than just being a hardcore writer. In my opinion, anyway.

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